Impact so far

We electrified 3 houses using off grid solar systems in remotest regions on earth, in the Himalayas at a village named Turtuk, in Ladakh, India A typical household consumes 3-5 units of power daily. This would translate to a 500 Watt to 1 kW solar system which would cost them between 60,000 and 1,00,000 of rupees as upfront cost and make them totally self reliant on generating and using their own renewable energy using solar photovoltaic panels. typical payback time is about 7-10 years depending on the cost of electricity in that region. The batteries in the system will give them reliability over a 24 hour basis and during power outages and brownouts. the environmental offset of a 1 kW system generating 1500 kWhrs annually is planting new trees over 12,000 sqft each year. over the 30 year lifetime that is planting a 9 acre forest area.

How does YOUR support to my Sangharsh count?

Step Towards Sustainability
My Everest Expedition will be a 100% Solar Powered. I hope to bring more awareness and inspire people to make small choices that count.Why not take clean energy steps alongside the ones on snow-covered ridges of the Himalayas?

A Day at Height
55,000 Dollars is a HUGE. Your contribution, however little can make my day.
Literally. 100 Dollars would cover my meals for a day.
500 Dollars would amount to my daily expenses at 20,000+ feet above sea level.

Less Is More
I want to inspire people, especially millennials, to realize that we can live with much lesser than we imagine. Surviving with the bare minimum utilizing all available resources to the fullest and zero waste is my way of life.